Free Research Report

The stock brokerage business has come a long way. With the onset of the digital era, innovative features like rapid trading and real-time data have transformed the industry. At Royal Capital, we believe that investing in research and innovation is the way to maintain a competitive edge. RCL has strong Research team with professional competency. It provides you financial data support, prudent research reports, and Effective Fundamental & Technical analysis to help you make prudent and informed investing decisions.

IPO Application Service
  • One Stop Solution for IPO application enables you to Apply instantly when a new issue in announced.
  • EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) service for IPO subscription allows for automated and quick payment settlement.
  • Exclusive IPO analytics Research Report helps you decide on investing in IPO’s.
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Stock Broking Service

Our professional Trading always execute client’s order immediately and efficiently in both DSE (Dhaka stock Exchange) and CSE (Chittagong Stock Exchange).