Things to remember before investing in stock market

There are enough of books and articles relevant to success in the stock market. Along with these a new investor should learn certain concepts before making an investment. Among them six important factors one should understand and workout first before going to invest in market. These are-

  1. Planning is a must

It is very important to take some time to make a list and set investment goals along with a timeline.

  1. Long-term time horizon

Investment will result better if it is made for a longer period of time. Eventually, the risk associated with the equity market starts getting diminished over a longer term.

  1. Keep your distance from rumors

Stay away from market rumors, hearsay and tips. Besides do your own research and consult with an expert who has both practical and academic knowledge on investment.

  1. Control your emotions

Greed, fear, anger, and guilt can influence negatively on your profits. It is wise to take rational decisions based on facts and analyses.

  1. Do not try to beat the market

Beating the market is a ruse of loss. On the contrary, you should try to select fundamentally sound company with credible management practices to invest for a long-term.

  1. Always follow-up

Monitor economy, industry, market, and investments regularly. Try to stick to your investing approach and remember not to lose track of your goal. Keep an open mind.
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